Adriana Loson Ceballos

Director, Network Resources | EPIP

Born in Mexico and raised in California, Adriana Loson-Ceballos has worked in human rights & social justice locally, nationally, and internationally in support of everything from the arts to law. She believes philanthropy can make the world more equitable, a commitment she lives and breathes. At EPIP, she works with a national network of philanthropic leaders to mobilize resources & partnerships to be more effective & approach fundraising with an asset-based lens. As a PhD student, she’s getting ready to defend her dissertation proposal on the Latino Community Foundations’ (LCF) Giving Circle Network’s capacity to democratize philanthropy through a people powered movement. Adriana is also the co-founder of their San Diego Circle-mentioned recently in the Wall Street Journal. Adriana has an M.A. in human rights studies from Columbia University and is currently completing a Ph.D. program in leadership studies with a concentration in nonprofit and philanthropic management at the University of San Diego.